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Enjoying live music concerts is pretty much like being in love

Music is one of my passion, my love.

Enjoying live music concerts is pretty much like being in love. If the concert’s real great, feels like falling in love again. The lovely tunes will play over and over in your head. You’ll want to know more, hear more, and see more of them. But when the concert sucks, it’s more like a betrayal. You’ll feel likey they’ve been cheating on you. They’re not that good you used to think, at least not as good as the record.

The last magnificent concert I saw was Superman Is Dead’s lauching of Angels and The Outsiders at Score Bandung. It rawks! Ah another thing, best concert is best seen with best mates. Afterwards, you’ll end up chatting and singing all about the impressive music. That’s the passion.

Anyway, I’d love to put some pics later 😀

Into The Wild (hand-drawn)

Into The Wild (hand-drawn), originally uploaded by sirewog.

I consider Eddie Vedder’s “Into The Wild” album as great companion for any trip, especially ones that involve going into the wild.

One important lesson learned : Happiness – only real when shared.

This is my hand-drawn version of the album’s cover, created for my mate’s birthday.